Personal. Appreciated. Honest!

With our trade partners, caterers and customers we stick to our word. We take this commitment seriously. In this regard, EfeFirat distinguishes itself by means of its consequent service-oriented approach, which has been appreciated by our customers for many decades. We deliver to the trade in a professional and punctual manner, with an expanding range of delicatessen-classics and Mediterranean specialities. In the catering trade, our large selection and the 24-hour delivery service, without a minimum order quantity, are two more reasons for deciding to select EfeFirat. In this regard we are in agreement with our customers: even best service, in the first instance, requires a quality that one can taste.

Mediterranean. Manifold. Delicious!

Mediterranean recipes and the oriental cuisine demand ingredients which enthuse with their freshness and powerful aromas- ingredients coming from EfeFirat. We are aware that the demands are high and that is why, without compromise, you will only find first class vegetables, milk products, spices, soups, side dishes, dressings, fruits and much more. After having served the market for 35 years, we currently have more than 1,800 EfeFirat-products that offer your customers and guests a complete service revolving around everything that a gourmet would expect. And with this selection, we guarantee a quality that one can taste.


With care. With experience. With joy!

EfeFirat produce is harvested in Central America, Asia, North Africa and Europe. Time and again, the suppliers convince us of the quality and freshness of their produce. Only then, the raw materials are processed to EfeFirat-delicatessen specialities which every gourmet derives great joy from. Concentrated, from our head office in Achim, close to Bremen, we coordinate the nationwide and pan-European supply of our renowned trade partners and caterers, with an own vehicle fleet. In addition, our locations in Berlin, Dortmund, Hamburg, Hannover and Bremen ensure the permanent availability, on 365 days of the year, of a high-quality assortment, which one sees verified in the flavour.

Responsible. Convincing. More!

It is the good soil and the healthy plants that guarantee the qualitative environmental hallmark of the "Bio-Siegel", for selected EfeFirat products. With great responsibility we ensure that the standards of the EU Eco Regulation pertaining to the cultivation and harvesting are adhered to. Both now and in the future. Since: in the organic segment we will be diversifying on an even broader basis and better than to date. After all, it is nature that brings forth a fabulous variety of flavours. For the Mediterranean organic cuisine we are able to refine this enjoyment and serve it freshly processed. Thus EfeFirat supplies all ingredients in a natural quality that one is able to taste.